Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mas Discada!

Need the gear. My all time favorite welding discada burner. You couldn't pay me enough to sell it. Okay, well maybe you could. But it won't be cheap!
The best and freshest corn tortillas come in paper...........not plastic. These are only an hour old.
I'm thinking some Spanish rice as a side.
All done and tossed in a few capers. I love capers.
Bacon and chopped beef franks. Note the grease hot tub. That lil bit of meat don't wanna come out!
More fats. The spicy kind. Chorizo.
Discada meat getting browned. You need to remove the moisture out of it with a long simmer. The grease is still in there along with a half can of cerveza!
Browning the beef and letting the grease drain.

Dinner is served! Here's my plate. Wifey made a special treat for dessert. Can ya spot it?

Njoy. Buen Provecho.....


Chris said...

I seriously need to get one of these.

Robert said...

Just do it!!!

keale said...

I'd HIT that!!!

Mike G. said...

It's food like yours that makes me want a Discada really bad. I am going to start my search around San Antonio this week to find one

Robert said...

Thanks for the comments. Finding a disc in San Antonio should be easy! Best of luck.